About ATK

So what is ATK all about?

Advance The Kingdom Gaming or "ATK Gaming" is an Esports & apparel organization that strives to make the kingdom of God known in a world that is known for it's toxic environment. Trash talk is completely normal while competing in any sport, but the extent of this in the gaming world, especially in Call of Duty, is a bit extreme. Our goal is to be a part of a shift in the gaming culture that applauds hard work rather than criticize it, uplifts other creators within the environment, and finally Advances The Kingdom of God effectively.One of our key verses here at ATK is Proverbs 28:1"The wicked flee when no one pursues,But the righteous are bold as a lion."Let us be bold as lions, let us fight for the lost, and let us fight with the King.Welcome to the ATK family.THE KINGDOM IS COMING.#ATK